Featuring sleek lines and soft edges, together with the elegant white and rose gold color, the appliance presents a sense of elegance and luxury. The appliance consists of a handle and a stand. The handle is provided with a 50x optical zoom lens with 1.3 megapixel resolution, imported HD sensor, and HD video and digital processing chip. In addition, the handle adopts the unique online skin testing technology and fully-automated software to display the skin conditions accurately, quickly, and clearly. The brush head leverages charge interaction to thoroughly remove the dirt on the skin surface or clogged in pores through low-frequency current. The infinite variable speed and automatically adjustable levels enable the appliance to gently cleanse the skin based on different skin conditions.
The strongly adhesive soft rubber gasket on the bottom surface enhances the stand’s anti-skid stability. The pioneering odor-free thermal inductive system completely enclosed in the stand supports the “UV disinfection and drying” function, and the handle f

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