Current oral healthcare situation involves with unpredictability, tedious diagnostic procedures and costly treatment, as traditional oral health practices can only treat oral problem when the symptoms appear instead of checking in advance. Now, with ” Smart Dental Detector “, users can have precise analysis of their oral condition from professional dentists in th APP, allowing for easy oral healthcare detection, 24*7 oral health monitoring. “Smart Dental Detector” is an smart, ultra-light, portable device for early caries detection by fluorescence effects of oral microorganisms, accurate detection of dental plaque, calculus, caries and periodontal lesions; its dimension is only 23.3 x 4.2 x 2.6 (cm), and the charging protective housing 5.5 x 3 x 26.3 (cm); the device has observation and detection functions, one-key function switch, automatic ultraviolet disinfection when device is encapsulated inside charging protective, ensuring clean and hygiene; through Wi-Fi or hotspot, it will connect to supporting APP for complete observation, detection, photographs, video, analysis and medical services, and using APP to facilitate and contact professional dentists for treatment appointment.

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