The simplehuman wide-view sensor mirror is a lighted vanity mirror that has adjustable side panels, enabling users to view themselves from any angle. The LED light strips automatically illuminate as your face approaches with a tru-lux light system for the brightest, most colour-correct view. The tru-lux light that we developed for our entire line of sensor mirrors has 600 lux and 90 CRI (colour-rendering index) and is as close natural sunlight as you can get. The wide-view sensor mirror is truly the first of its kind, designed with useful Wi-Fi-connected features that enhance the product. Through the companion simplehuman app, users can adjust the lighting on the mirror with a variety of preset light settings or capture ambient light from different locations to recreate the same colour temperature and intensity in your mirror. This allows the user to get a preview of their makeup in less than ideal light settings and therefore be able to make adjustments before going out in that light.

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