Elegance meets precision as the Initial® Signature range of washroom products sets itself to be the benchmark for hygiene service product excellence through design innovation.

Key attributes ‘Simple, Human, Guiding’ were developed through collaborative research in partnership with consultants, Orcadesign to form the backbone of the product range’s design vision.

The range addresses hygiene needs through the integration of sensor technologies and user-led innovation. With a structure built on ergonomic studies of layout, positioning and user interaction, the range offers natural directional cues to understanding the products and their function; serviceability for facilities owners. Engineered for durability of up to 3.8 million operations, anti-microbial technology is showcased in humanistic design – a meeting of minimalist form and quality function.

Initial’s design philosophy echoes that of the company ethos: We negotiate the complexities for our customers’ peace of mind. Offering holistic 360° hygiene service solutions from one expert, to another.

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