Brush brand SHAQUDA is steeped in the inimitable technique of 180 years of Kumano brush making history. Its Masters’ proud of their craftsmanship, born and raised here, culminating in our new brand SHAQUDA. Brand SHAQUDA has produced a line of make up brushes based on the trinity of our ethical brush “UBU” series; firstly the idea is pure form inspired by authentic style, secondly, the pinnacle of velvety smoothness of the hair tip and thirdly, manufactured environmentally friendly. This makes the trinity. The brushes revive the original brush making style by eliminating the need for a ferrule and any moving parts. Made from oil finished walnut and designed with a innovative and modern design. Brushes come in a set of 17. The set allows for complete face and detail application. SHAQUDA “UBU” series is an almost new era standard of simple but expressive styling. The style exudes breathtaking beauty, just as it is, yet so simple and elegant. We believe this is the future of personal and intimate makeup styling.

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