QardioBase is a wireless smart scale and body analyzer that measures full body composition, BMI and weight keeping the data history in a phone or tablet. QardioBase is innovative in its design and user interaction. Unlike traditional scales, QardioBase boasts minimalist, elegant design to fit any room and surface. The smart scale has a curved, slim form with hidden display to blend well into any environment yet to complement the most of elegant home. QardioBase is the only scale to offer Smart Feedback, providing a more positive, encouraging feedback on progress towards selected goal. Smart Feedback accounts for natural daily weight fluctuation, something other scales do not offer, and hence tackles the most common reason for weight goal abandonment. QardioBase is easy to set up and use, automatically syncs data to a smartphone or tablet and displays progress via comprehensive charts, stats and trends. Other features include Pregnancy Mode, Haptic Feedback, auto-recognition for up to 8 users, data sharing and reminders. It works wirelessly with a free companion Qardio App via WiFi and Bluetooth. Compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

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