POP CASE is a functional contact lens case with inventive structure inside to provide a better user experience. By adding a flexible plastic mechanism, POP CASE eliminates the irrelevant steps between soaking and applying your lenses which are finding the contact lenses in the solution liquid and distinguishing the correct side while picking them up.
There are two major advantages from this innovative contact lens case. First is to lift up the lenses for users while opening the screw top case as usual. This function is especially more convenient for users with long nails and users who wear clear color contact lenses since those users could potentially scratch their lenses during the process of searching contact lenses which soaked with solution inside the case. The other major advantage is POP CASE creates a safe storage to protect lenses and the specialized shape inside can securely lock the correct side of lens for users while picking it up.
Combining above advantages, consumers can simplify their daily process of applying contact lenses. POP CASE is a thoughtful device with detailed complexity inside which provides simpler and better experience.

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