The Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected toothbrush offers optimal comfort and deep cleaning. Handle sensor technology sends data to the app for personalized coaching and feedback.

A multi-disciplinary team created a connected toothbrush and app setting the main direction for connected digital propositions for oral healthcare. We gained insights thru combined extensive consumer and dental professional research. The app sets daily goals, tracks activity progress over time and shares progress reports directly with dental professionals.
This connected proposition required coordinating design and development across hardware and software experiences for both power toothbrush and mobile app in a cohesive connected proposition for oral health.
With three intensity settings and cleaning modes, the toothbrush cleans and tracks progress. Sensors in the handle wirelessly send data to the app, which visualizes a 3D Mouth Map showing where technique needs improving. The Touch Up feature encourages re-brushing of missed spots; specific focus areas due to plaque buildup, gum recession or other issues can be visually tracked.

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