Offering Philips Sonicare experience and quality at a lower price point, this power toothbrush is designed to encourage manual users to enter the power toothbrush world.

Developed to reinstate and define the low end side of the Sonicare portfolio with a modern design and superior efficacy than the competition. The 10 degree brush head angle is unique and specific to the product. Users appreciate the added angle for better access to the hard to reach areas of the mouth. The compact size and weight allows for different hand sizes to use the device, allowing new markets and a younger age groups to experience the Sonicare superior cleaning. The side scalpel cuts and soft vertical band, adds grip and control of the device when using and rotating. The gloss textured from and matte back also contribute to the ease of cleaning the surface and gripping while in use. The combination of soft material with textured hard surfaces presents a recognizable, comfort grip, balanced with a soothing, exciting tactile in-hand experience. The hidden LED communicates different battery status of use and charging.

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