Phicomm S7 is a home smart body fat scale with 8 electrodes to accurately measure body composition. It measures total 12 factors of body composition and other 10 factors of the legs, the arms and the body, and etc. Cooperated with Phicomm Health APP, it can not only weigh the body, but also assess the body composition and evaluate the health status. Phicomm Health APP is designed for home users and bound with maximum 10 groups of user accounts to realize the remote checking and sharing of the body composition data at any time, and provides customized exercise and diet advices for users. 8 electrodes measuring method is much more accurate and scientific than traditional 4 electrodes measuring. The unique heating function designed on the four metal electrodes of the scale surface keeps the feet warm in a cold condition. The high-precision CNC ground and polished 6mm tempered glass makes the scale concise and exquisite, and the 15mm slim scale equipped with anti-slip feet pads makes the scale more stable and safe. The built-in 2000mAh lithium battery allows the scale standby for one year. Phicomm S7, know you, understand you, and keep you healthy.(Has won the China good design award)

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