The ORACLEEN smart toothbrush uses smooth lines to create a natural and slender body. The shape of the handle has been changed from square to circular for comfort and stability. The uniquely designed pea-shaped brush head, small and rounded, can reach every corner of your mouth. Two extra brush heads are included, one soft and one ultra-soft. The alternating use of both can clean the mouth efficiently and also protect sensitive gums from over-brushing.
A more distinct feature is that the build-in smart chip as well as motion sensor in the ORACLEEN can capture the user’s brushing behavior and send it over to the phone APP (Known as “Dental Diary”). The APP will use algorithms to analyse the user’s brushing behavior and give scientific brushing instructions, like your dentists recommend. Through the accumulation of the user’s brushing data, aside from helping the user to develop better tooth-brushing habits, the APP can also determine which areas are missed and inform the user in time, so you will never miss a zone. When users have oral problems, they can also consult the professional dentists in the APP to obtain reliable advice

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