The concept beginning of one day I saw my dad difficult to apply ointment on his back, I think who has not tried back skin itching and difficult to apply ointment ? So I imagine a backscratcher with a ball container maxed product and give it name “Nursing-Mate”. I deliberately designed the nursing-mate like a lady doing yoga, ladies body shape is always formed by beautiful curves. But I’m not just to create an attractive product, I designed the nursing-mate has multi-functions. It can help you apply ointment, skin care lotion, sunscreen oil..etc. onto your skin, especially the back. In addition, it also functions as a massage and backscratcher. Nursing-mate can be operated by one hand only and aims to help everyone, especially elderly and disabled people to use. Otherwise the nursing-mate use of recyclable plastic and small amount of recyclable metal. It is generally considered as an environmental friendly product. Although, some backscratcher products in the market but these products have single function with complex structure and require two hands operations not suitable for everyone to use. The nursing-mate is simple but practical and is ready to serve anytime.

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