This is a new nail polisher, the physical polishing can make your nails have shiny luster beautiful moment. You can do manicure anywhere and anytime instead of wasting time to go to the store.Our product contains three grinding head, two of them made of EVA, which surface was attached different size of abrasive crystals. One of the EVA grinding head called buff ,which remove the scratches and concave convex surfaces of the nails, the other one is called shine, to polish the nails. The rest of the grinding head is our original glass grinding head, which can cut the edge of the nail easily but has no effect on the skin around the nail.This product use high power motor with planetary gear system, which has a very strong torque, can guarantee for polished fingernails and toenails. The product is equipped with a lithium battery with charge and discharge protection, MICRO USB charging port. the power stop protection function of the rotating shaft. After the accident is stopped, the motor will automatically break off the power and protect the battery and the motor.The streamlined design,ergonomics handling, and concealed breathing lamp design makes the appearance concise and atmospheric.

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