First in Japan, The hot air curl iron with negative ion function .

Keeps smooth texture ,softy shiny and beautiful curl for a long time.
Universal voltage, maximum temperature 180°C.

The curling pipe has undergone a nano-ceramic coating is feeling is very smooth. It curls the hair tenderly and quickly with the heat of the nano-ceramic coating and the hot air of the negative ions.Compared to common curling irons, you can finish in a softer hair quality.

The opinions of over 2,000 female employees working at Samantha Thavasa is reflected in the product. The majority working Japanese women are hardworking and spent a busy every day.Especially it is busy in the morning before going to work, and time to spend on hair care is limited.
So, I wanted to design a comfortable and a elegant time by this product as can be happy.

There are many design points, the functions, the sizes, the ease of operations, the touch, the comfort etc. The basic color of the product is soft, warm and pure matte white, and the accent color is pink gold.

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