This is a full range of hair styling device, can easily create a variety of hairs. Put on the handle before use, Curly hair,Straight hair, and Hair dryer, Any of them can be done. The handle is composed of 3 function keys, a positive and negative volume key, a temperature adjusting key of the 2 file, and a switch key. The 3 components of the hairdressing device, the function of each one has its own merits. Automatic curly hair, hair without winding, you can 8 seconds rapid modeling. Equipped with a positive and negative roll function keys, easy to shape the inside buckle, valgus curls. In addition, curl hair styling is different according to the length of time and temperature, as to hair styling shaping; Straight, with hidden splint design, effectively reduce the danger of scald. 1600W, can quickly dry hair, 2 wind and snow with temperature regulation.Multifunctional assembled structure including the blowing assembly, automatic curling assembly and straight assembly. With one modeling handle can carry the components, compact and portable. Whether during a business trip in the workplace, a good holiday, or, with a portable package, allows you to create a heart of charming hair.

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