Mr.Y adhering to the “exquisite light luxury life” brand philosophy, with best sense of the word “Y” triangular elements through the main body, the contact type control to replace the traditional physical buttons, the ring elements of privatization into Mr.Y, simple low-key but eye-catching, confident and restrained, in bold in his subtle whims fine, complex and fascinating charm, highlighting the unique style by pure temperament. Pass without fear of the trend in the changes, always fascinating. As thick and heavy in colours on the blank page of a pen, make the moment for eternity.
A new touch experience, to replace the traditional physical buttons, or touch switch on mode switching, gently slide, more comfortable and more smooth new experience more natural.The base can be made mobile phone wireless charging
The first use of calcium carbonate whitening brush, a new “*” double arc arrangement, friction significantly, cleaning teeth stains more obvious, brush with Calcium Carbonate Granules to fill the tooth enamel, strengthen tooth mineralization, truly effective whitening teeth do not hurt.

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