Moisture care is one of the most basic, crucial aspects of skin care. This portable electric cosmetic mister can spray fine nanoparticles on the face occasionally anywhere, at any time to prevent skin dryness and maintain moisture care.
As the mister must be easily usable anywhere at any time, portability is paramount.
This product fits perfectly into one hand and is smoothly curved so it’s pleasing to hold. Its soft, minimal, tracked design provides an extremely secure grip.
It can be held in one hand and the front cover slid up or down with the thumb to turn it on or off without having to stretch.
It was important to design this product to be easy to carry in a bag or coat pocket, easy to grasp with one hand to take out, to fit comfortably in one hand, and to be usable when picked up without changing the shape of the hand. The overall form has sleek curves without edges so it feels comfortable and stable in one hand.
The lower charging LED notifies users to charge the battery, and the sprayer automatically stops after 10 seconds to prevent excessive spray.

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