The MISOKA • ISM toothbrush has nanomineral-coated bristles that polish your teeth as you brush, cleaning them with nothing but a cup of water. After dipping the bristle into the water, nano-sized mineral ions on the bristles clean teeth and create a stain-resistant barrier with higher hydrophilicity which causes the tooth’s surface to attract water and become smooth. On the other hand, usually toothbrushing wastes a lot of water, but this eco-friendly toothbrush also solves that problem. This toothbrushing with naturally derived minerals is innovative and safe for the human body and the environment. The textured handle, modeled on flowing water, leads gentle hold and helps the resin-molded nylon toothbrush hairs move smoothly over your teeth and gums. MISOKA toothbrushes are popular in Asian countries because of the unique properties of the nano minerals. This product will last one month during normal use, so it is named MISOKA, meaning “thirty days” in Japanese.

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