World novelty from Switzerland: The Sonic Black Whitening bleaches the teeth using activated carbon and sonic technology. The clou: Black particles of activated carbon bleach the teeth and the high frequency movements efficiently polish the tooth surfaces.The Black Whitening’s black bristles contain small particles of activated carbon. The whitening effect works just like an eraser: While brushing the teeth the micro particles of activated carbon rub off and thereby remove discolorations and plaque.The brush head polishes teeth with a high frequency (up to 45. 000 oscillations per minute) which optimizes the whitening effect. The Sonic Black Whitening is also a real eye-catcher. Elegant and black as the night it brightens up the morning of every aesthete. Design meets technology. “The crystal clear packaging signalizes what the buyer is about to experience: The brush attachment stands on a hand piece with a soft, skid-proof gripping surface. An integrated brushing- and jaw quadrant-timer enables a simple cleaning control. Another smart feature: The green button to change the cleaning mode. Thanks to the memory function the toothbrush “remembers“ the last used mode. Safe while traveling: The electric locking function for travels.The black monolith-like design piece is freshened up by typically megasmile-green elements on the buttons and the brush head. “megasmile is a Swiss invention. Nicely polished white teeth, also while traveling: The Sonic Black Whitening comes with a chargeable Li-Ion battery and a USB port. This way it can not only be charged from a socket but also with a PC or other energy supplies.

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