A nano-silver coated “LOOP” ionic facial massager.

It is an unique loop-shape facial massager which provides high frequency micro-vibration and ion enables us to boost our energy and pampers our skin in an easy way.

The loop-shape metallic massage head design for retains and spreads cream on our skin easily and the “loop” can reach all the small area like nose and eye orbitals. While the “loop” retains and spreads cream all over our face to refresh our skin and keeping it firm, at the same time, ion promotes skincare cream penetrates it into our skin, activates skin cells and removes fine lines and wrinkle.

The LOOP-BAR is easy to operate, just use our fingers to contact the LOOP-BAR’s sensing bar on the wand and lay the loop-shape metallic massage head on our skin, it will automatically senses contact electronically and start working. The metallic “loop” is PVD coated with long-lasting nano silver which anti-bacteria and ensures the skin not be infected.

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