LA CHANTEE Perfume Dispenser is a patented elastic tool and designed to help users to have an easy, quick, relieved and no waste way for dispensing perfume from big crimped perfume bottle to small portable atomizer. Consumers wish to dispense perfume from 50-200 ml perfume bottle to a 5-10 ml empty atomizer for a short trip or daily carry. The 50-200 ml perfume bottle users bought are usually crimped and riveted so the consumers can’t open directly and dispense. LA CHANTEE Perfume Dispenser is designed with a very simple structure and elastic silicone material. There is no need to take off spray nozzle from 50-200ml perfume bottle and just fit LA CHANTEE Perfume Dispenser onto spray nozzle directly then pump it. The elastic material can fit in any size of branded perfume nozzle of market. This design is the only one perfume dispenser in the market which no needs to take off spray nozzle when dispensing perfume. The innovation will benefit hundred millions of users to dispense easily and to avoid leaking, to save perfume and time. It will change all users’ dispensing manner and release the fear when dispensing the perfume.

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