iDream 4: Head Massager is an intelligent and innovative relaxation solution, targeting the head, neck, and ocular regions to help relieve aches and pains around these areas. It features intelligent concealed pressure sensing of the body that observe your health while you wear it. The key functions being pressure point massage, vibration massage, hot compression, and relaxing music. It aids in easing tensed muscles and improving blood circulation – to relieve stress and promote sleep. A combination of traditional Chinese medicine, modern technology and design the iDream 4 squeezes and pushes on specific Chinese acupuncture points around the eye and head at the same time. The ergonomic shape and interface is engineered to suit Asian style. Various modes can be selected and individual functions can also be modified by mobile APP such as time, temperature, music and type of pressure. The product may be easily adjusted to suit different head sizes using the rear knob and a release button. The soft hi-tech style is simple and functional.

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