The innovative Troy° hot-water bottle promises hours of stylish cosiness.

Anyone who thinks there is no way to refine hot-water bottles any further will be surprised by the hot-water bottle from Troy°, as this innovative design product does actually succeed in improving on the age-old concept of the hot-water bottle.

The safe hot-water bottle

A hot-water bottle is a wonderful thing that keeps feet warm on cold days, gives you hours of cosiness on the sofa, helps tummy ache or simply offers comfort. Provided of course that the water stays inside. The curiosity of a child, the forgetfulness of someone suffering from dementia or simply a mistake can mean that the hot-water bottle is not properly closed and hot water escapes, leading to wet patches and possibly even painful burns. You don’t have to worry about any of that with the Troy° hot-water bottle. Thanks to the patented safety lock system (optional), the hot water stays where it belongs – namely INSIDE the hot-water bottle. The safety lock system is designed using the lock and key principle, which guarantees that, once closed, the hot-water bottle will not reopen by itself or be opened by accident. The safety lock system can also be used to retrofit hot-water bottles from other manufacturers.

Pleasant warmth for longer

But that’s not the only improvement that distinguishes the Troy° model from a conventional hot-water bottle: The integrated Troy°-Pad, also patented, ensures a pleasant and long-lasting even temperature, while the cover has an additional layer of material on the zipper side in order to retain the heat better.

The hot-water bottle innovation

Through its thoughtful design, Troy° succeeds in improving the seemingly perfected concept of a hot-water bottle, increasing both ease of use and safety of use.

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