Sleep is a fundamental human need. Neuroscience is beginning to reveal remarkable evidence of how our bodies use the sleep cycle to repair & reorganise the brain.A good night’s sleep is critical to our health & wellbeing and enhances our performance at home & work.The bedroom environment directly impacts the quality of sleep & consequently our daily lives.Homni is a device that monitors humidity, temperature, noise level & brightness in the bedroom & optimises the sleeping environment by providing immediate feedback & advice through its app.This information can help you adjust your sleep environment to get a better night’s sleep. The lighting, colour & pattern of the product has been refined to provide the perfect conditions to relax & fall asleep to. In the morning, it gently eases awakening so that you start your day in the best condition possible.The design of Homni is inspired by the world of lighting & candles. The use of soft colour & tactile materials seamlessly integrate this technology into the bedroom environment. Homni is part of an ecosystem that tracks your time at sleep, sleep cycles & body movement in addition to continuous monitoring of your surrounding environment.

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