Fromst is the first and one and only innovative product principle in the world, ‘Dermas layer exercising unit stimulating the production of collagen’. Use very low vacuum with patented vacuum tip stimulating fibroblast in the skin with up-down-left-right movement and making highly elastic skin by increasing the density of dermas. Select head appropriate in skin type or body parts and massaging with it 10 minutes including the management of neck, nose, and fine wrinkles. After proceeding the most clinical experiments on all the areas related to skin including reduction of pores, face lifting, wrinkle improvement, and complexion. Product with details in consideration of the convenience of users as a modern but simple hanging storage and representing a higher level of sophistication beyond a device by having delicate white color remind of healthy and refined beauty. Manufactured in a compact size for convenient carrying and also fulfilling a soft grip feeling to hold with one hand with attractive and seamless curve. And specifically considering hygienic aspects after being designed to have an intake enter the inside of cradle.

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