The ISSA™ mini is a revolutionary children’s electric toothbrush with a completely silicone design. This device combines high-intensity pulsations with soft silicone bristles, which in addition to delivering effective cleaning, is far gentler on children’s sensitive teeth than nylon-bristled toothbrushes. The natural properties of silicone also prevent bacteria buildup and generate enough friction to remove biofilm for a healthier mouth. A flexible brush head helps bristles reach hard-to-access crevices, and massaging pulsations on the gums stimulate blood flow to sustain healthy gums.
With its child-friendly design, the ISSA™ mini makes brushing easy and fun with Smile Helpers “Glee” and “Glum”. If a 2-minute brushing routine hasn’t been completed for 12 hours, “Glum” (frowny face) will light up. “Glee” (happy face) will appear after 2 minutes of brushing has been achieved. Every 30 seconds, the ISSA™ mini will pulse rapidly, indicating it is time to clean a different quadrant of the mouth, and after 2 minutes it will pulse again to signify the end of the brushing routine.The ISSA™ mini lasts up to 200 uses per full charge, and the brush heads require no replacements for 6 months.

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