We have developed and patented an innovative wet shaving razor system for the global consumer market that will enable the user to face shave with an entirely new level of precision, speed and control that aims to surpass the current leading brands.
The shaving system is called EvoShave and comprises a handle, disposable cartridge, tray, cartridge dispenser and reusable carry case.
The handle acts as a bridge that enables the user to rest their fingers directly on top of the cartridge which allows the user to experience an extraordinary level of control when shaving their face. The handle with the bi-directional cartridge also allows the user to shave upwards ‘against the grain’ without to turn the handle over.
The disposable cartridge has on each side a single blade, a rubber touch strip and a large wash-through set into a very open architecture.
The tray allows the system to be picked up easily with one hand. It also protects the cartridge and allows for water drainage.
The cartridge dispenser holds four cartridges for easy clipping onto the handle.
The environmentally friendly reusable carry case acts as both secure shelf packing and a travel case for the EvoSha

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