A complete 7-in-1 salon quality nail care tool that fits USA TSA requirements to bring in your carry-on luggage. Smooth design with no sharp lines. Each indent and shape is smooth and goes along with the aesthetic of the complete tool. Beautiful 2 tone blue and white with a silky smooth matte finish.

Opening the esa Go you receive enough tension to keep it closed while traveling. With multiple magnets and three guiding points to make sure it aligns perfectly when closed. The main tool (cuticle nippers) are spring loaded with just enough pressure to pop back into place for the perfect cut while not being too strong to break open the shell when it is closed.

The three tools on the inside are opened using a wheel designed with enough tension to keep them from being too lose while being easy to roll out with your fingertip. We don’t what too much tension to break a nail. To use each of the three tools, wheel one of them out then close the two shell halves on top of the tool. You now have a handle for grip.

The nail clippers on top simply push down and forward to release. Then to put back, do the same in reverse.

Tweezers are the only tool able to come completely out.

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