EPUS is a professional skin care device designed to be used at home. The product consists of 5 beneficial functions (5 in 1) such as Penetration and emission, Elasticity, low frequency, Collagen production and regeneration.

The lower part of the product was designed with a grip handle to eliminate any inconvenience of the user. It also free stands during use for maximum comfort of the user.
In order to maintain sanitation for the surface which touches the skin is protected by separate cap. The cap and the products form connects as a whole naturally to create a aesthetically beautiful product.

Usually, if 2 different functions are provided in one device, it is thought to have 2 different parts are used for each of the functions. However, EPUS distinguishes it self from other skin care devices by building single part that holds both functions rather than separate parts.

The was design in White Pearl to emphasize the femininity to appeal to women who are the majority user of the product. Also, the contact surface to use electroporation and iontophoresis functions are design in Chrome to create a sophisticated look.

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