1. Funny indicator light:There’re 7 funny indicator lights, (6 “palm” and 1 “house” light), which is corresponding to seven days of a week. 7 funny indicator lights which has full of interest and special design to attract children. In the form of light animal palm, and light it day by day, At the 7th day light the house, It Indicates send the panda back, it’s better cultivate children to brush teeth and improve their enthusiasm by the way of doing task.
2. Unique design of panda toothbrush and “cape” charge base;The panda body and “cape” base with perfect combination, symbolize brave. IPX7 Waterproof. Charging safety.Long use time, charging 7 hours can be used for 42 days with lithium battery inside. Brush hair monofilaments diameter is 0.127 mm, brush has a certain Angle, better fit teeth, convenient and deeply clean. Brush head use the food grade PP material, silicone brush head is used for wrapping the brush head, protecting damage gums and mouth. with 3 mode: clean; soft; massage;
21 day habit formation system: the body has 3 lights, each lamp of 7 colors, a cycle of 21 days develop the habits.
Use Electric shock charging;induction lamp on the flying saucer.

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