The Idea: “Sustainability as a style statement.”

1. Uncompromising sustainability in material selection

Plastic tubes and jars are not only an eye sore and highly unsuitable for high-quality natural skincare products; they simply do not support the concept of sustainability, as we understand it.

Our packaging follows a completely new and radical approach. They are made of recyclable black glass with a high proportion of recycled glass and fire treated oak; a organically cultured renewable material, guaranteed to be free of toxins.

2. Perfectly balanced proportions as a dominant design element

The minimalistic clean lines and a cylindrical shape immediate concur the association of natural materials. The unique design was perfected through the repeated use of “proportio Divina” (the “golden ratio”) principle – that is always an aspect ratio of 1: 1,618.

Result – the perfect alignment of the uncompromising sustainable materials in an unmistakeable design:

A sustainable style statement in mens bathroom.

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