Whitening blue light:
The blue light head is designed for the tooth whitening; it provides the focusing light at 480-520 nm wavelength for the tooth whitening with the whitening reagent system.
Soaking disinfection:
Ordinary surgical instruments take autoclave method to achieve aseptic requirement. As this Handpiece is equipped with a battery, only a soaking disinfection method can be considered. Therefore a high standard of up to 4M waterproof has been developed.
Initial C Dental Care Multi-System is wide range of options and applicability. The system has been designed to satisfy the needs of dental care professionals in a comprehensive manner. It is ideal for the daily care of orthodontics, periodontics, and dental implants or more. The Handpiece can be used with interdental brushes, 3D brushes, dental floss, angle brushes, and other specially designed dental care accessories.
Medical grade silicone:
The Handpiece is wrapped with medical grade silicone, giving a tender, warm and smooth touch. The people are easily fascinated by its state-of-the-art design. Light and streamlined, fashionable and charming, it fits the demands of operation by professionals.

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