Cutisonic is a revolutionary new facial cleanser.

Instead of an aggressive rotating facial brush that can lead to redness and over-exfoliation, it uses a super-soft silicon sonic cleanser pad, suitable even for sensitive skin. It cleanses pores to rid the skin of excess oils and help reduce the signs of ageing. Within weeks, your skin looks smoother, brighter and healthier.

Cutisonic also functions perfectly as a make-up applicator, particularly effective with modern liquid foundation. Fingers and sponges are messy and waste expensive product; whilst liquid brushes produce uneven finishes. The Cutisonic make-up function ensures flawless application of any complexion product, powder, cream blush and more.

Cutisonic is IPX6 rated water resistant. Safe to wash anywhere, it’s always hygienic and handy for the next use. As we use hypoallergenic silicon, there are no bristles to store bacteria or dirt. A single pad can last for months, even with daily use.

Travel-sized (5cm), rechargeable, cordless and lasts up to 6 months on a single charge. A protective head cap ensures it’s safe to carry in a handbag, toiletry bag or carry-on luggage.

Cutisonic. Love your skin!

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