#100 carat sized Health Care Jewelry
#Maximized Material Speciality of Zirconia Ceramic
#Focused ‘Health Care Function’ based on Customer&market’s needs
#Ergonomic design(comfortable fit)
#’As interest in ‘health’ and ‘quality of life’ has increased, the demand for Personal health care has grown. CHARBÜLANC Beauty Booster is Skin massager applied Zirconia ceramic harmless to human body used for dental implants.
Emerald cut Zirconia ceramic is applied to the front of the massager, and plated platinum certified by ROHS is applied in the hand grip.
The micro-vibration and the micro-current of the massager itself act directly on the user’s face to prevent aging of the skin and provide beauty. In addition, the massager has excellent usability to use a finger like a ring without any button for operating.

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