Basically, the A110 Massage chair equipped with the L-Track fits perfectly the human natural curve and 3D Massage Rollers offers a genuine released sensation to the whole body. Besides, the Cloud Inclusions Somatosensory and That Stretch offer the whole body perfect refreshment. As for the partial pains, revitalization is provided by Neck shiarus, Back massage, ,Hidden Arm Massage, Bottock fitness and Scrapping foot roll functions. Considering that legs bear the most physical burden, it is specially equipped with Leg kneading, Calf Kneading, Foot 3D shiatsu and electrical retractable leg-rest functions. Firmly and warmly, the heating on waist gradually reduce tightness and rigidity.
Further more, it cares more than the body. The mind is also relaxed by Bluetooth music with APP smart control. Customers can enjoy music while releasing physical burdens. Equipped with the TFT color screen remote facilitates the multiple language and graphs options. Easy to operate, one key controls the whole chair with the shortcut keys. Specially, it uses the most advanced Zero Gravity and Zero Wall technology. While restoring the healthy circulation, it greatly saves spaces requirement.

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