The new Aquafresh/Dr. Best Kids toothbrushes have been specifically designed to engage the imagination of kids aged 6 years + in order to help mum with the daily struggle of getting them to brush their teeth. Based on the insight that mums tend to allow their children at this age to choose their own brush, Nick-named ‘The Irregulars’ they features a complex 3D form and contrast colours intended to appeal to kids’ growing sense of style and mischief. The designs were developed with direct input from children of this age who drew inspiration from other products that appeal to them to create a bold and cool range. The results meet mum’s requirement for a brush that is fun and innocent to engage them, but is also fit for function. The brush incorporates a rubberised sucker-foot so it can stand up by the sink. This provides a space efficient and more hygienic solution in the bathroom whilst not being so toy-like as to distract them from brushing their teeth. The multi-coloured mixed length bristles are visually distinctive, and help to clean in-between their ‘gappy’ teeth. The brush incorporates the brands distinctive ‘flex-zone’ neck into the design so is gentle on their gums too.

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