With pride, we present to you our innovative AMAZE’n’GAZE ” – see through beauty”. It is an eyecatcher with an extraordinary design involving a hole in the glass bottle, and is thus recognisable amongst other products on the market. We succeeded in developing a complex and expensive process in such a way that it enables the serial production of high-quality glass.
You will find another special feature. The hole that is manufactured in an industrial process does not only have the shape of our company logo. It is polished to the last millimetre so that the overcap with shape of our company logo fits perfectly inside it.
With this design concept, we want to highlight the technical feasibility. Furthermore, it inspires us to create numerous other applications options and combinations. Why not give your beloved ones a perfume combined with a special accessory? You can simply add earrings, cufflinks or other accessories.
It is the first time that consumers are not only provided with an exceptional scent, but also with an extra value. This value thus provides a completely new product placement on the market. To make everyone see through beauty.

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