The Quest hand dryer was the lead product in a design-led relaunch of the Airdri brand in 2014. Based on proven internal components, the Quest brought a new design approach to the hand dryer market. The two-part construction makes a feature of the separate body and outlet grille, which is key to the product’s aesthetic. This is emphasised by the up-swept join line between the two parts, indicating flow and movement. The soft radii on the main body contrast with the tight radius on the outlet grille, emphasizing the purposeful nature of the product. The tapering of the form towards the base of the dryer and the concave surface of the grille focus attention on the outlet, making the product intuitive to use. The Quest is designed to deliver quiet, energy efficient performance over a long working life. The extremely durable moving parts are complemented by a die cast cover and an injection moulded outlet grille. Numerous interchangeable colours and finishes for both parts offer a wide range of aesthetic options for Architects and Interior Designers.

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