Femooi is a Dutch beauty care brand for women, and its Ada Pro™ device is a multi-functional facial care instrument that integrates facial cleansing, anti-aging, and eye care features. Gentle ultrasonic pulsation of the silicone bristles will deliver an efficient cleansing result. Moreover, the original V-smart™ pulse vibrations of the massage mode help to fade out wrinkles by firming and lifting the skin. Our groundbreaking IntelliTemp™ technology creates a unique heating and cooling eye care experience for the user. Because of the wireless charging capabilities, the product is waterproof, ideal for use in humid environments such as the bathroom.

Femooi aims to provide the modern female with a confident and independent lifestyle through truly thoughtful designs. It is our expertise to consider the female perspective, to communicate with our female customers and deeply understand vital female needs. Femooi doesn’t follow others blindly, and we only have one mission: to satisfy the needs of the female consumer. We are not afraid to break existing ideas but will craft original and innovative designs for women to bring them a genuine and pleasurable life experience.

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