Aimed at Asian men aged 18-40, the ActivEyes is an innovative, all-in-one eye care tool that combats eye fatigue, dark circles and puffiness. Despite its multiple technologies, the ActivEyes is small and slim. USB charging makes for true portability, contributing to the ActivEyes ease at slotting into daily skincare rituals at relevant times of day. The familiar, spoon-like shape can either cover the entire eye or apply spot treatment on the lid only. Elsewhere, soft dots on the silicon and aluminum surfaces sensitively reflect the pressure point massage technique beloved by Asian culture.
It is the first all-in-one eye care tool that is considered truly effective by men (ref. consumer tests in China). This design is one of the first tools specifically designed to reduce all eye issues with one product. It is not only unique in its shape with qualitative materials and advanced UI it also is designed for versatile placement on the eye area without any discomfort.

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