The x-change dynamic terra AW E air/water heat pump is an output controlled, energy-efficient heat source for installation outdoors. It is convincing with its virtually silent operation. The heat pumps in the x-change dynamic terra AW E series are designed to heat drinking and heating water in one and two-family homes. The “ac” version allows an active cooling function for the warm seasons. The energy required to do so is extracted directly from the outside air. The high quality housing with a straight-line design fits harmoniously into modern living space, combining aesthetics and functionality. The robust housing roof made of stainless steel is angled to allow water to flow off, the ribs for air intake are completely integrated in the front. The green rib provides a splash of colour and symbolises a sustainable, environmentally compatible heat source. All materials used are designed for ultimate reliability, durability and user-friendliness. The separate x-center x40 controller adopts the straight-line design. The specially designed, self-explanatory icons on the colour touch display make it very easy to operate.

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