The x-change dynamic terra BW I brine/water heat pump is a highly energy-efficient, output controlled heat source for installation in buildings. It is convincing with its virtually silent operation and compact dimensions. The heat pumps in the x-change dynamic terra BW I series are designed to heat drinking and heating water in one and two-family homes. The energy required to do so is extracted directly from the ground. The monolithic, sound-insulated housing made of sheet steel integrates harmoniously into modern living space. With its low noise emissions, space-saving setup dimensions and straight-line design, it is optimal for installation in areas used for residential purposes. The green strip of colour in the two-tone front symbolises an environmentally compatible “green” heat source. All materials used are designed for ultimate reliability, durability and user-friendliness. With appropriate accessories, a passive cooling function can also be used in the warm season. The specially designed, self-explanatory icons on the colour touch display of the integrated x-center x40 controller make it very easy to operate.

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