From kindergarten, airports and high end offices, the KX hand hygiene dispenser line has been designed to be at home in many different environments. With a clean modern style, the vertical sides transition at the corner radii to a curved top and bottom shape. This curvature is also integrated into the front surface of the dispenser, and blending between the body and the front is a signature bezel. The slight chamfer of the bezel, falling away from the front, helps to transition the curved face to the cover body, capturing light and shadows to further unify the overall form. The manual version has a presser that draws on the bezel and front face characteristics. At the top of the dispenser is the cover open button, this feature can be changed into a keyed lock option depending on the facility requirements. The front of the KX dispenser is fully transparent, which permits a unique custom graphic application giving the customer the ability to create messages and fill level windows in any shape or location. The tailored capabilities extend to the bezel, body, button and presser of the dispenser, as these can be colour matched to suit any interior design or architectural features.

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