Anyone who’s ever dreamed of having their own private sauna, has previously needed sufficient space for it. And that space could then no longer be used for other purposes once the sauna was installed. Until now. Because the designers from KLAFS, the market leader in the sauna, pool and spa sector, and a driving force in the industry have now developed a whole new, radically different sauna design: the S1, the sauna of the future. It is the world’s first sauna to retract at the touch of a button – just like a zoom lens on a camera. The new KLAFS S1 is designed as a completely self-contained, mobile system. The key highlight of this sauna is its minimal space requirements. In its fully retracted position the S1 is a mere 60 centimeters deep, just like the average closet. Yet the S1 is a really stylish, highquality, beautifully designed sauna down to the last detail and with room for the whole family. By pressing a button on the new, extremely compact and slim controls on the front panel, the S1 extends into a ready-to-use sauna in just 20 seconds and is nearly three times as deep. That’s because it consists of three elements which can be completely fitted into each other.

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