HiMirror Plus, Your personal beauty and health consultant.

HiMirror Plus is a highly accurate, professional & multifunctional IoT connected device in beauty & Body technology. The waterproof design allow you hang it in the bathroom, and the highest standard security system and safety cover of camera protect your privacy.

There are two main functions-Skin analysis & body type analysis. For skin analysis, it provides personalized skincare analysis based not only on the evolving condition of your skin, but also local weather conditions and other factors. You can see the skin progress and understand the changes in your skin’s condition through the use of different products with historical comparison. For your busy life, virtual My Beauty Box help you manage skin care products in a smart way, and the ambient makeup LED lights allow you apply makeup appropriately for the occasion.

Stay in shape is easier than ever with body type analysis function of HiMirror Plus. Working with Smart Body Scale, HiMirror Plus provides body type analysis information, 8 body configuration results and workout videos.

Moreover, HiMirror Plus works with HiMirror app, make you beautiful anytime, anywhere!

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