RIWA hair dryer breaks through the traditional shape of the hair dryer, to create T type, handle according to ergonomic design, grip is excellent. The whole machine adopts the injection molding process, the texture is exquisite, in the color disposition, uses the ceramic white to match the ice crystal silver, brings you the pure elegant feeling.
the hidden structure of heating wire carefully researched has access to patents, patent No.: ZL 201520686993.2, The heating wire is more inside than the ordinary one, and uses new heat insulation material to effectively block heating at the outlet, which make the heating wire is invisible to the naked eye. This design can effectively avoid overheating damage to the hair.
At the same time in the design of the duct uses original air flow aggregation technique. After Toronto test, in the power of the same 1200W, this product is more focused on the wind which can make hair drying more easy. In the air inlet, develop the first touch lamp function (patent No.: ZL 201620580524.7), only touch the key, you can open the lighting function, Long press 3 seconds ,can Variable showing polychromatic light, feeling the wonderful hair dryer experience.

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