Powerful,Beautiful,Tough hand dryer with small scare, unique anodized finish and Optimized for big performance in a small place
1. 7 YEARS WARRANTY : These dryer are so long lasting with Brush less motor. Our own development motor is last 3~4 times longer than normal brushed motor.
2. UNIQUE FINISH : Diamond dryer has a beautiful, first modern anodized finish for hand dryer field,recognized as high quality and desirable from its use on gadgets.
3. MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY : This hand dryer has the lowest power consumption possible without compromising on performance. (300 Watt with 90 m/s air speed)
4.SLIM BUILD : The unique shape and small size means that this dryer can be used in many diverse places.
5.ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCT : Diamond dryer is the most energy efficient product with high performance, its BLDC motor has longer life span and does not discharge carbon powder from the motor.

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