We have set ourselves the goal with a number of new features in the design of this Chaleur Lounge infrared sauna. The task was to bring the absolute wellness feeling and relaxing comfort into a limited space. Most infrared saunas require a straight sitting position. On the drawing board we have experimented to generate the maximum comfort experience. And the main question was – how to incorporate in a lounger a full-spectrum infrared heater following and supporting the anatomy of the human body?
This research has resulted into a registered patent. The full-spectrum infrared heater in S – shape was born, which seamlessly follows the body’s anatomy. Lean back, relax and the penetrating warmth of the full-spectrum infrared S-curve heater goes exactly where you want it.
The next step was the ability to control and adjust the intensity of the 4 infrared heaters. With the newly developed Alpha Adaptive Smart Control Unit, the heaters can be set separately from 0 to 100% in terms of power. All possibilities of colour therapy, lighting, temperature, intensity, music, fan and heart rate meter – are controlled by the AASC (alpha adaptive smart control) or via the app for iPad / iPhone IOS

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