The airRED is a product that belongs to the family of infrared saunas. However, it is not comparable to the classic infrared cabin since it uses a unique air curtain technology which has never been used this way before. The airRED provides an intelligent solution for the space problem of conventional closed-room infrared cabins.

The air curtain technology describes a mechanism that separates differently conditioned air masses through a barrier of air streams, and thus prevents these from mixing. The technique was developed back in the 60’s and has primarily been used for shop entrance doors. Bemberg has used this principle to develop the airRED

The infrared device which can be controlled by a sensor is integrated into a wall panel which also includes all technical units such as the air curtain generator, electronics and power supply. The powerful air curtain generator creates an arch-like air roll and surrounds the user with comforting warmth. The temperature and intensity can be regulated manually. The integrated high-end music stereo, chromo light, the coolGREEN function and wifi multi-room bonding make the airRED a true all-round talent for health, fitness and lifestyle.

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