The Xanadu bathroom furniture range follows the collage principle: an interesting design with individual character is created by mixing old and new, from classicism and zeitgeist, from furnishings and popular accessories. For everything that we love and want to show, Xanadu offers illuminated StageBoxes, which are variably integrated into the cabinet fronts and the mirror cabinet. These StageBoxes create extroverted, façade-like situations that the lighting transforms into atmospheric stages and characterise the style of Xanadu. A design made up of admirable details in a lively front design with many variants. A perfect balance that is characterised by a delightful interplay of open and closed functional areas in atmospheric lighting as well as by slender proportions, purist fronts and innovative surfaces in a skilful mix!
Xanadu is designed as a serially manufactured bathroom furniture range with an extraordinarily high degree of individualisation and a delivery time of just 9 working days.

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